Half-elf -> Halfelf

Started by Angela Christine, March 28, 2004, 04:39:44 PM

Any chance we could officially change half-elf from a hyphonated word to a compound word?  That's the way language works, right?  First two words that are used together alot, then a hyphonated word, and finally a compound word.

drive way -> drive-way -> driveway

The reason I'm brining it up is that half-elf is problematic keyword-wise.  Someone tries to do something to one of those wicked thieving elves, but accidentally does it to the pathetic half-elf instead, because if you have the keyword "half-elf" you also have the keyword "elf" (and the keyword "half" but that one rarely causes trouble, while elf cause trouble fairly often).  Especially if you don't have half-elf in your sdesc (you might have man, female, or halfbreed instead) but you do have it in your keyword list.  Sometimes a player can get away with using halfbreed or halfelf, but other times a helpful application reviewer will add half-elf in for you, and you are back at square one.

If halfelf was the "official" term (with half-elf still an acceptable alternative for those who love hyphens) then halfelves would be freed from the tyrany of elf-related keyword mishaps.

Thank you for your consideration.

Angela Christine
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