Opening the ISOs

Started by Malifaxis, March 26, 2004, 10:27:59 AM

Is there an OverLord up there who could possibly give some rough, ball park figures of how many players they would like to see on at peak times in order to open up some of the ISO tribes like gith and halflings?  I know *so* many people that would gleefully sell their own mothers for a shot at a clawfoot or a biter or a mantid...  Just a rough estimate of how many peak time players it would take you to possibly reconsider opening a tribe?

I'm perfectly willing to rent a truck, mount a Blues Brother's speaker system on top, and go parading around Minneapolis blowing out people's windows with "Betrayal.  Theft.  Murder.  Come play Armageddon!  If you like to act but hate stages, if you like people but hate gatherings, if you like roleplaying but hate support groups or fetish clubs, come try ArmageddonMUD."  Or something of the like.
Yes. Read the thread if you want, or skip to page 7 and be dismissive.

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