The silliest wishes you have seen

Started by Akaramu, March 25, 2004, 11:04:33 AM

In addition to the thread I posted in the ask the players section, what are the silliest / most stupid wishes our immortals have seen? I could imagine...

Newbie wishes, "Can I get a steel sword plz this creature is 2 strong 4 me"

...but I bet there were better ones.


I don't know that I've seen a lot of "silly" wishes in terms of being actually humorous.  I've seen a lot of very vague wishes, and a lot of downright confrontational or insulting ones.  :)

It is interesting and instructive to see what newbies type and try to do in their first few moments on the mud, though.  That can be very silly.

The lost newbie wishes "Help!"

That is an extremely common wish that makes us wonder but gives us little information.

I think the most humorous wish I have seen was similar to this.

wish all I wish this woman would take interest in me.

As if we were genies. We can do miracles, but not the impossible.
Bhagharva the Purulent Carcass

I think one of the funniest ones I saw was something to the effect of:

"wish all Hey assholes, its really fucking rude to fuck with me, and its getting in the way of my RP"

And then, 30 seconds later, when the PC realized that we weren't doing anything, and it was another PC who was messing with them:

"wish all Uhhh, nevermind. Sorry."

Classy, heh. Thats one way to get staff attention, I guess...

My personal favorite for stupid/silly wishes:

Soandso wishes "Could someone give this NPC merchant more coins so I can keep selling things to them?"


I have a few.  I don't remember the exact wording but the gist was..
The classic one:
Someone wishes:  Oh my god!  Please!  Heellllp!
Someone wishes:  Someone's trying to kill me!   Oh help!  Save me!

I've seen this one a few times.  It's usually a wanton newbie that's gotten lost in the wilds, but once it was a player who'd been here a few months, being chased/killed by another player.

And there was this time a newbie wished something like...
Someone wishes:  Praise the glory of the gods!  
Someone wishes: Blessed be, hallowed that they be!
(etc, etc)

A few minutes of these wishes results in this:
Someone wishes: So, uh, do I get something for praying to the gods?

Once someone made an account and a character, and logged in only to wish up with an advertisement to -HIS- mud.  He promptly logged back out, and AFAIK, never came back in.  And no, we didn't ban him.  I found it highly amusing, however.

If I remember right, there was a wish a few months ago similar to what Bhag saw.
Someone wishes:  I'd like for someone to play this npc (a prostitute) so that I can have sex.
Needless to say, I don't think anyone did.

The poor girl wishes: "I dont know how they will verify I am a virgin BUT I am."

I have assorted other ones.  They aren't necessarily wishes, but hilarious nonetheless:

Someone thinks: wtf..
Someone else thinks: nuthin but a bizch.

Maybe someday I'll replace the names on all of these and see about posting them.