Where're you guys from ?

Started by Sir Diealot, March 23, 2004, 05:35:04 PM

I, one day, noticed that Tlaloc lives in Texas..and other staffers live around various places, so I was wondering..where in Texas do you live Tlaloc ? and where do all you other guys hang out when you're not Arming... Not to sound stalkerish or weird, I'm just genuinely interested in the RL geography of Arm.
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We've got more bounce in California than all y'all combined.

Quote from: "Xygax"We've got more bounce in California than all y'all combined.

That's only because Pamela Anderson resides there.
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I live in the Dallas area. I spend alot of my time either at school, doing schoolwork, or hanging out at my girlfriends swank apartment on the weekends.

I also play one tabletop RPG, every two or three weeks (when I have the time), and I try to find time to play my boffer sport.

I live in Connecticut with Ginka, up in the woods. If you fly over Connecticut, between Boston and New York, there's a big dark spot where there are no lights. That's where I live.

When I'm not working, I'm sleeping or drinking. On some weekends you may find me driving around in the back of an ambulance in the Hartford area, or extinguishing barnyard animals up in Ashford.

I used to hang out with Sanvean and Ness and occasionally Tiernan when they all lived on the east coast. However, they have forsaken me and all that is good in the world, and moved out west. Now, I only see other imms once a year at the AIM, even though they promise me they'll visit. I am alone. SO ALONE.


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I live in the sweltering bug-ridden sauna of Tampa, FL. By choice since I hate cold weather. The bugs I could do without but at least I don't have any inside. Really, it is a swamp here. Things that are interesting about Tampa are;

-No one is really from here. Everyone I know moved here.
-It is the death metal music capital and the lightning capital (Central FL).
-It is the place where old people come to die.
-Our most spectacular bridge is supposed to be haunted.
-We ripped off New Orleans Mardi Gras and we have what is known as Guavaween. (Which is 10,000 drunkass people crowded into the historic district and tearing their clothes off.)
-The head pirate was named Jose Gaspar
-There is no record of a real Jose Gaspar
-Tampa Bay Bucs suck, then they win a superbowl then they suck again.
-There are more rednecks north of there, then south of here.
-We are not Atlanta.
-Our strip bars are scarier than yours.
-I don't know a single person that has lived here over 10 years that has been to Disney World recently.
-Goths migrate here on a regular pilgramage.
-There is a Seminole tale that says they believe that the origional inhabitants here were alligator people.
-Alligators are an excellent way to get rid of a corpse.
-We have a LOT of arm players here.
-The first Spaniard conquistador to come here was Panfilo de' Navarez. (Read up on his amazing journey)
-We have all kinds of wierd celebreties that live here (Uncommon amount of pro wrestlers)
-Talley makes BBQ on the side of the road here. No shirt, no shoes.. you're welcome on that roadside stand.
-Our elderly in this state are senile and are the ones apparently in charge of presidential elections.
-When we go on vacation, we stay here.
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I live in the Eastern Standard Time zone.  Am I on the coast?  Do I border the ocean?  When have I ever mentioned going to the beach?

Business will have me moving early next year.  You'll have to wait until then to know the true location of ultimate purity.

Warm, Sunny Minnesota

Formerly of Iowa, birthstate of Armageddon Mud.

Brix and I are in the wilds of the State of Washington. Or something like that.

Jolly ole England
Though it's not really that Jolly here.

I live in the wastes of the Nevada desert.
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I'm from Long Island, NY. East end, by the Hamptons. I've driven by lots of celebrities' summer homes, like Puff Daddy, and some chick from a Soap Opera, and Michael J. Fox.

Okay, not so many, but I know they're here by joe!