Re: Replies to the D-Elf Announcement

Started by Curious, March 18, 2004, 08:07:00 PM

Quote from: "Mekeda"He simply said that in order to play one, you have to special app it through him with the pertinant information.
I interpret this as "if you want to play any non-magicker clanned D-Elf role and have the Karma then your allowed to without having the mdesc and background approved by Bhagavara via e-mail prior to apping it in the game"

I'm just asking clarification because other roles (such as nobles and templars) need to be approved via e-mail before getting apped into the game. Is this different for D-Elves? Is there any way to get access to the docs before apping your character? This can be handy for people who haven't played in the clan, and don't realise important things like there being a rite of passage.