Red Storm Brawling

Started by Echo, March 12, 2004, 05:25:00 PM

Currently the brawl-code in Red Storm is antiquated. I believe Krrx created this code years ago when brawling in a tavern was a taboo concept. At the time it was innovative and added much to the atmosphere of Red Storm. Times have changed however and this brawl code proves to be more heavy-handed and irritating than innovative based on the code now used in other taverns throughout Zalanthas. As it stands one is discouraged to brawl in Red Storm because of this.

The Storm's Eye is where brawling was born and of all the taverns should be where it is fostered. :D  My question to the staff is: when will the brawl code in Red Storm be updated to the code currently being used elsewhere in Zalanthas?