Wiki Wiki Wiki, Or How to Achieve Immortality of a Sort

Started by Sanvean, March 08, 2004, 10:46:08 PM

One of the things the staff has been experimenting with is a wiki ( to help us collect in-game history.  If you have a character that you feel lived a significant amount of time, participated in important events, or otherwise should be memorialized and want to send in a write-up, I'll add it to the history. Be aware this is intended for staff - we may turn parts of it into player documentation eventually, but for now it's just staff. On the bright side, that means you don't need to worry about what's sensitive IC information or not.

Anything's fair game for a write-up. What do you want remembered about your character? What did s/he do, and who did s'he interact with? What would other members of her/his clan remember, what stories would the grandchildren tell?

I'd love to see write-ups on past clans, such as the J'Karr or the Sandmen as well. If you're interested, send the write-ups to

No one's sent in anything at all, so I'm going to push a little harder. Seriously, just a paragraph about your character would be awesome. Anyone who ever ran a templar (either north or south), a noble, an established merchant, a long-lived character, a Byn sergeant, a prominent magick-user, leader of a PC clan...send me a little info about them and let me put them into our docs. I'd really appreciate it.

If you could also please CC this to me, I would be very pleased :>.

And listen to Sanvean!  It is SUPER COOL and you can be remembered forever!

Could the player of "The bulky, tired-looking man" drop me a line with the character's real name?  If you'd like to do a write-up, you're mentioned in someone else's history.

Some other characters that have been mentioned in other people's histories that I don't have write-ups for but would like:

Akasha, Anath, Arendor, Arjaan, Boopsie, Calla, Celisa, Daejaye, Domhalon, Drath, Durg, Fianna Salarr, Inaom, Jhiran,  Khann,  Khilaroz, Kojiro, Kyorl Tor, Lorial, Malaclypse, Paulus Tor, Pai, Radoon, Rals, Rheasha, Rhydun,  Sathis,  Serbitar, Shome, Sigmund, Taeri, Timmic, Tironith, Vedelarin, Yari, Zhentrim Tor

That's just a sprinkling. Put the day to good use tomorrow and write up yours!

Just wanted to bump this again.  The staff Wiki is where we can go to look up virtually anything.  If we want to know who in Krath Ihsahn was, or who Amos was, we can look them up on the Wiki and in some cases craft new plotlines that incorporate things that came before.

If you want us to be able to find out who in Krath your PC was, email a synopsis to Sanvean.
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I still get a kick out of writing, re-writing, and reading my old character histories, as well as reading those of others (the difference in perspective between myself and their player is sometimes astonishing).  The only thing that saddens me is not having written mine up sooner, or kept some sort of character journal at the time, because I ALWAYS forget things.  It took me eons to write up a couple of mine, in part because it's difficult to revisit an old long-lived character who is now gone.

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