Where are you?

Started by mog, September 23, 2002, 05:29:22 PM

Just out of interest where about the world are the staff located?  Just an idle thought.
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My guess is, the guys that want you to know where they live will have listed it there.  :)  And everyone else is afraid you'll come to their house.

I'm in Ft. Collins, Colorado, though I work just across the border in Cheyenne, Wyoming (which is where I do most of my mudwork as well).

ack to retirement for the school year.

I'm hiding!

Actually, as some of you know, I'm in Redmond, Washington, heart of the Evil Empire.  I help service the mind control rays.  :twisted:

I'm in Texas, and I pity you poor fools who live in that little thing people call 'the rest of the world'.

I don't actually seem to live anywhere these days.  I was born and raised in Georgia, U.S.A., although in the last 6 months or so I've been in Georgia, Virginia, Calgary, Johannesburg, and Sydney.  Currently I'm in Johannesburg, South Africa, although for most of the next year I expect to live in Sydney, Australia (with probably a couple of visits back to the U.S. mixed in).  With any luck I'll rent a decent place a few blocks from the beach in Sydney, as I'll be working at a place within sight of the beach.

Go figger.

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I live in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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As it says in my profile, Durham, NC

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Halaster doesn't really live in Ohio... he lives in "the fluffy cloud of Halaster"

Quote from: "Halaster"I live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

... I always knew Ohio was the center of evil in the universe, and now I know why.
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