A Question About Clan Imms

Started by Anonymous, February 24, 2004, 08:55:49 PM

(Note:  This question is hypothetical and in no way related to a situation a character of mine is currently in)

Should a character include in any emails to Imms of a clan he joins ulterior motives that the PC has?  For example, should an assassin character tell the Clan Imms he was hired to kill so and so noble/merchant and is in the clan to gain their trust?  Or what about thief characters who are stealing from other players' footlockers?

It seems to me there is a conflict of interest here, the clan Imms are of course devoted to said clan and in (I would think) most cases would prefer to have their current PCs live to use in their plots, etc.  Of course not informing the clan Imm of a plot against a PC or why everybody's footlockers are being emptied might complicate things for the Imm in question.

So I'm basically asking if in this case its common practice to email the Imm or not.  I would think it would be, I trust the Imms to be impartial enough to roll with the punches and make the best out of a sticky situation.  But I could also see this causing a lot of problems for Imms, especially if they had an OOC relationship with the character to be assassinated.

Thanks for any answers.

In short:

Hell yes you should.

I would say it should be absolutely, 100% required to email your clan staff if you have any ulterior motives about or within thier clan. Alot of thought goes into many things within a clan, and that includes what good things, or bad things happen to them. Clan staff are, 99% of the time, going to be impartial, even to thier own clan - so there should be no conflict of interest.

Not emailing your clan staff if you're doing strange things within the clan will create alot of frustration for the staffer (particularly if you successfully assassinate someone important), and furthermore, could lead you to loosing karma, simply because the staff member didn't realize that what you were doing was IC. In this case - you might just seem like you went on a random PKilling spree, which had no IC basis, or were just twinking out your pickpocket skill. If I have no idea what you're doing makes sense because its your goal to screw with the clan, then I can't judge your roleplay on how you're screwing the clan effectively.

Furthermore: staff members are usually really cool about making the lives of thier players hard, and fun. This includes those who might be the victims of your maliscious projects. You might find that the clan staff member is very willing to help you work out whatever projects you might have...be they setting up special meetings, or situations which might help you survive/get your job done (provided you work well at it).

On the other hand, letting a staff member know what you're up to, might help police your actions, as well. On many occasions, I've witnessed unrealistic things - like people stealing from footlockers in a room full of NPCs or VNPCs, or assassinations which go off without a hitch, simply because nobody was around to animate an NPC who should have witnessed it. If you have let your staff member know what you're doing, ahead of time, you can coordinate with them, OOCly to set up special RPTs for yourself, during which you can attempt to pull off whatever assassination/thefts/spywork/whatever to its fullest, RP potential. It may seem like a bumb deal, letting your staff member know, just so they can throw obsticles in your path...but then, if it was 100% easy, then there would be no point in playing, at all.

Even though it may set up a small conflict of interest, your clan staff is, effectively, the world. Not letting your staff know that you're stealing, planning an assassination, spying, etc. is like not letting the world know that you're doing these things, and thus, you're cheating in a way. You're cheating the staff out of the ability to make your malisciousness as realistic as possible, you're cheating the other players out of being a part of fully realistic behavior, and you're cheating yourself out of a potentially fun, and challenging experience. Its like twinking knowledge.

Finnally, not letting a staff member know that you have maliscious intent towards thier clan is just darned rude, in my opinion.

I'd also like to state the following: I personally, have very little love for PCs who are created, simply to 'fuck with' clans, with no real IC reasoning behind it, other than the OOC urge to mess with the clan. This is like going over to your friends house, just to break his toys. If you're going to make a character like this, I personally feel that there had better be some very good IC backing behind it, and also you should 100% email the clan immortal dealing with the clan. I don't mind PC's who's goals end up at 'destroy clan X', through roleplay in-game. Thats actually pretty cool...but to make a character straight out of the box with the goals 'To destroy clan X' seems alittle two dimensional to me.

However, thats just my opinion.

A good question. Much of this was discussed in this thread:

A clan immortal is not there to make sure the clan overwhelms all the other clans in the game. They're there for several reasons, -including throwing impediments into the way of the clan players overall.  
You should email the clan immortal your plans. They are there as much for you as they are for any other player in that clan. If you do not let them know, you run the risk of overlooking in-game factors.

As an example, let's say Player A kills Player B and doesn't realize/ignores the fact that there is an NPC in the room.  A staff member switched into the NPC can remind them of the fact - perhaps before they attempt the crime and fail.

Please don't treat the staff as glorified players with the monitor command. They're there to oversee the game and make sure it runs smoothly. Please help them in this task wherever you can.

Later edit: Tlaloc posted while I was writing and I agree with what he's said. He's gone into the many reasons why very thoroughly.