I need slaves..

Started by Bhagharva, February 24, 2004, 09:04:49 AM


If you would like to help write up some desert elf NPC's and or tents send them to me at bhagharva@ginka.armageddon.org and I will get them put in. If you do not see them in game, do not fret. Few hunters are seen, at least the good ones.

What I would like to see specifically;

Hunters (Rangers or Warriors) from the following tribes;
Dune Stalkers
Sand Jakhals
Silt Winds
Sun Runners
Red Fangs
Soh Lanah Kah

Red Fang tribe members-Crafters, Guards
Silt Wind tribemembers-Crafters, Guards

Silt Wind tent encampment-
Generic tent encampment-

I'm going to take the best of the ideas that are sent to me (if any) and if you have no clue about desert elf society keep it simple.

I have been talking to Savak about some touches that desert elves need to appear even more realistic and the sooner these NPC's and tent encampments get made the sooner that this will get implemented. I am not the immortal for desert elves but I wish to see this grow anyway and am personally putting time into this.

Bhagharva the Purulent Carcass