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Started by YouKnowWho, November 05, 2002, 06:41:37 PM

Anyway to get into contact with an imm or staff member?

I wish to speak with one of them concerning private issues.
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You can e-mail them, using the links on the Arm website or even here in this forum. You can also use the WISH command to contact them in-game. However, the WISH command isn't really meant for back and forth discussions..more a matter of letting the staff know you need something/need a question answered, and they either answer it or they don't, and that's the end of the discussion with it.

You can also send mail within the game itself - when you log on, entering the mail system is one of the options.

Generally mailing the mud account ( will produce the quickest response. However you may also try mailing them at their personal e-mail's they all have which is (e.g.

It is best to contact them through the mud account though so it allows them to store the e-mail easier (they like to keep a record of all e-mails) and some Immortals don't check their personal e-mails as often as they check the mud account or at all. I know of at least one Immortal who uses a hotmail account instead of a ginka account.

It's best to refrain from PMing them via the instant message system on this board as some Immortals really don't like it, I can think of at least one who seems to absolutely hate it.

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Via email, the best way is <staffname> because this will be forwarded automatically to the email of their choice.  So even those who preferentially reply via a hotmail account will still receive via a ginka-based account.  I personally send all of my staff related emails like this, even though I know many people have it forwarded elsewhere.

If in doubt, however, send directly to and it can be forwarded for you.

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