Feelings on No Auto Attack

Started by Agent_137, February 12, 2004, 06:38:24 PM

I'm going to summarize a thread that split off from the combat improvements discussion in the code folder.


We've been talking about a No attack option, or a pacifist mode.

Essentially, we think that attacking back should not be an automatic response to being attack. Defending, surely, but attack? That's a choice that should be left to the player's own decision, for various reasons listed in the thread.

This could either combine with the nosave flag as a pacifist mode, or come as an addition to it as a No Attack Option. From a player side, though, less complications seem to arise if they are kept seperate.

Is this possible at all? Or is the autoattack so very hard coded that this would be nearly impossible to do? After much back in forth in the thread, we've not been able to find any real downsides to such an option except for code difficulty.