Call For Stories

Started by Gilvar, February 03, 2004, 06:09:12 PM

For a future project I'm looking to collect a modest amount of stories. Short ones preferabbly, told in a concise or whimsical (fairy-taleish)manner. Nothing long-winded.

They are of course IC only. And can be real (like happened to a character) or fictional. Historical would be lovely, but of course not nescessary. Preferably something that people would've heard of in some fashion. Not like "The story of my brother's pet rat."

Please also include which geographic region the story would be most popular or exclusive to. (Tablelands, Red Desert, Northlands, Southlands, Far South, Far East, Far West, Gypsy lands, Halfling, Gith, etc.)

Please send all mails to:

No attachments unless they are plain .txt files. Thanks.