Idea for Mailing System

Started by __Torax__, February 03, 2004, 04:25:38 PM

Alright this just hit me while I was trying to figure out why my emails arent being returned from the MUD.

Alright here we go.

People want to know that they're email got through and that it will be read right? Of course, thats the only reason someone sends an email. Why not set up an automatic mailing thing that once an email is received they get a confirmation notice from the MUD account saying that the email is in the inbox and what not and to give the Staff time to regard it.

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"Ah! Scorpions! I pissed my Wyvern trousers! Ah!"

Because unless you typed the email address wrong (at which point you will usually receive an email from MAIL DAEMON saying it was not sent) your email did go through. It seems a bit of an unneeded system that would merely serve to validate player's needs to be heard.

An easy way to make sure your not typoing addresses is to add the correct version to your address book (which most mail servers provide) and then just always go from that.

This way you'll be sure your email was received.