You can't manage to get a good peek inside his pack.

Started by Anonymous, January 23, 2004, 04:01:02 AM

The classic semi-fail of the handiest skill, 'peek'.
"You can't manage to get a good peek inside his pack."
What does it mean, though?
It seems to pop up randomly, whether you succeed or not.
"This is everything that they have in their cloak pockets, especially the inner, hidden one.  But, oh, sorry, you can't get a good peek."

Baffling.  What does it mean?

Usually it means that you haven't seen everything in their inventory. If you think you are getting this message regardless of success, feel free to bug it and someone can try to reproduce it.

Its kinda a strangeity having to do with Inventory. What is your inventory? Its obviously not items your holding, because that what's holding is for. It can't be tucked under an arm because many people not only craft and ride with full inventories of sometimes large items, but fight as well. So what is inventory? Its apparently a conglomeration of virtual packs, pouches, arms, etc. So when you can't get a good look in their pack you may or may not have seen their entire inventory. (Just a guess, I'm not a big peeker.)