Super Bowl

Started by Trenidor, January 19, 2004, 11:02:59 AM

Who's it gonna be? Panthers or the Patriots?
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I'm rooting for the nachos.

Er, um, Patriots.  If for no other reason than I live up in NE and I might as well not be that one guy rooting for the wrong side at the parties.

Its going to be patriots because of 9/11. If the patriots lose they might place the Panthers on the Axis of Evil and give them a week to expose all their weapons of mass destruction before we commence invading them.

So yeah, patriots.

Wasn't it supposed to be the Bucs again?

They were supposed to find intelligent life up there on the moon too. Shucks.

Who cares, the Vikings didn't make it.

You guys are crazy.

Everyone knows, the Cowboys always win.

The Yankees will win the cup!
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