Started by Forest Junkie, October 31, 2002, 10:52:28 PM

Is it acceptable for starting Desert Elves to enter cities to buy supplies when first starting out. In the past I have treated this situation as an ooc event, avoiding contact with other players until I have what I need to actually "begin" the game. Is this an acceptable practice, or should I just keep out of cities altogether? Thanks.

D-elves, I usually just go into cities to -quickly- trade and perhaps rest up in a tavern to hear any news that might make an impact on my tribe. No more than a couple in game hours. Do -not- go into cities and treat it as an OOC event, nothing you do with a karma class or race should be an OOC event, put meaning to everything. Also it depends, how does your tribe view going into cities? Are you raiders? Then stick to -not- going into cities, you get what you need by raiding. Are you hunters? Then yeah, why not go into a city to sell surplus to the stupid roundears for more coins. If anything, I say its a good idea to stay away, and other elves will probly note your "roundear cloth, or blades" so you will then have to watch out for them. There is a distinct style difference between armor from a city and armor/clothing from an outpost or tent camp what have you. Do what your character would do, look into your background ofter, and do not push any lines with lame excuses to do something. There are beliefs your character has to have to be a desert elf, give it time and stay IC, it will come.
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IMO, OF COURSE it is!!! But you can also treat it as an OOC event too, but IMO you should be able to do both.

Tribes rely on traders to get the finer things in life, the finer things in life are generally found in cities. (taken from the Documentation of Elves, couldn't find the quote I was looking for).

A reason you don't have your desert gear can be a pack of gith ambushed you and you ran away with barely your life when you saw another elf sleeping, you stole his clothes and 'sid but need proper gear.

I'm no expert, so all just IMO.

Depends a little on your character and a little on what you mean by "city."  Tuluk and Allanak qualify as major cities, while Luirs is more of a large desert outpost, then there's an elven outpost in the Tablelands which at last check remains open for trade (at least for most desert elves).  By and large, a new desert elven PC can get all they need there -- just about anything else you want you would -have- to go to a city/human outpost or find someone who has and trade for it.

So, as a rule, I would treat a trip to the city as IC even when getting "starting" eq simply because there's a lot available in lawless & readily d-elf accessible places, but if there's something specific you're after and feel you could/should have had access to it you can entreat an available staff member for it when you first log in.

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