Past Tor Opinions/Experiences/Gripes/etc.

Started by Gilvar, January 14, 2004, 05:39:02 PM

I've recently joined the Tor team, and only having minimal experience from Tor on the INSIDE, I'm hoping to gather some past experiences, opinions, gripes, likes, etc, from players that have at least a decent field of experience to gather on from the House. (House Tor and the Tor Academy.)

Particularly useful would be past Noble experiences and of course areas you fell/felt the house needed to improve on.

Feel free to send your responses via email to, and/(or CC) Sanura at

Thanks in advance.

Thanks everyone who responded. I received alot of useful feedback, and figured that a broad-thanks would be more time-effective then individual responses. Those that sent know who theyare, and I appreciate the time they took to write the detailed responses.