Arm-based Short Story

Started by Sephiroto, October 29, 2002, 04:44:16 PM

Hi, I have an assignment in my AP English class that involves writing a short story.  I was wondering if it would be okay to have my story set in Zalanathas since I plan on having the plot -based- on events that have happened to one of my characters, and places exist in the game. I plan on using a scenario that was presented presented to my character, but plan on changing what actuall happenes.   Any permission I may need for any copywrite purposes and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.


You might consider sending the story into the original submissions section of the webpage when it's written.

I can't speak for the admin, but I doubt it is an issue.  If you wanted to write a novel and sell, you might have to talk it over with them. and even then, I doubt they would mind the free publicity.  I have seen others write Armageddon related stories without any issue, and in the context of writting it for an English class, I would feel pretty safe in saying that it is a-ok.

Well, alright.  I'll get to work.  I'm not that great a writer at all.  I'll be sure to submit it after I am done.  I hope I dont disgrace the name of Zalanathas.  Heh.

I remember using Zalanthas in English once...

"There once was a dwarf named Stinky who lived in the city of Allanak. He joined a streed gang called the Seven Dwarves. Since he was the eighth dwarf, he was kept a secret from the public. Stinky was named Stinky for a reason, though. Whenever he ate vestric, he had gas that could knock over a mek. One night, when he ate some 'mystery soup' the gang's cook had made, he had terrible gas. He was kicked out and abandoned in the desert. After a year of wandering, he came upon a small village. There he married a woman named Claudia, who had no sense of smell. They had 15 kids. Unfortunately, only one of them carried their mother's gene for lack of smell. The rest left home, never to return. Stinky went on to have 36 grandchildren, 28 of which carried their grandmother's recessive gene.

One night, Stinky was walking along when it suddenly got dark. He reached into his bag and pulled out a torch and tried to light it. It wouldn't burn, however, so he took out his keg of oil and dipped his torch in it. When Stinky lit his torch, though, he found out that he had pulled out his keg of flash powder. He exploded in a firey inferno, and happened to be standing next to the local flash powder emporium. The town was blown sky high, never to be seen again. Thus, the ruins of Steinal were born."

Yes, I was in High School. Yes, it's not good. But hey, it's sort of funny.
I've been away from Zalanthas for some time, but I still think you all are kank shit. Don't worry, I'll come back and fix it up. By the way, has anyone found, like, water? This desert is getting old.