The daily life of an Immortal....

Started by ashjpd, December 23, 2003, 10:30:38 PM

I was wondering...
With all these e-mails, GDB posts, and wishes and such, how do you guys do it and in what order? Is there like a time of day when you guys check e-mails or answer GDB questions? Or is it all random like some people's RPT's?

This will help me and maybe other players on when they could expect e-mails answered and othering things. Also, I am just curious. Sorry for wasting your time if I did.

Thanks in advance.

People's schedules tend to vary widely. As far as the account mail goes, Nessalin and I alternate months answering it. When I'm at work, I don't log into the game and do stuff, but I will spend an hour or two over the course of a day checking apps, keeping up with the staff, player and some of the clan discussion boards.

Evenings I spend anywhere between 1-4 hours online for email and writing, usually around 2-3. Saturdays are pretty much devoted to immortal day, with sporadic trips for errands and meals. Sundays vary widely. I don't really have enough free time to play - it's a choice I made a while back, and I like the staff side of things.

For all of us, the holidays have additional demands in the form of travel and family or whatever, as well as some extra free time for a few.

Hmm, for me it depends on the day. Weekends tend to be a bit different but on the average weekday my schedule goes something like this.

1) wake up
2) stumble to bathroom, trip over obligatory cat who's turn it is to trip me (we have four, and yes, they take turns)
3) stumble to coffee maker
4) become human with application of coffee
5)check emails, read any new ones and answer emails from previous day while still freshly human
6)check message boards, snicker at things I find amusing
7)check game, see who died, see who didn't, catch up on plots.
8) face fact that must work if want to continue to have home and resign myself to that.
8)work for the required time to get enough pay to survive
9) get home from work, repeat above for mail, boards, game but put off answering emails because most likely in snitty mood from #8.
10) either monitor or play depending on what needs to be done IRL and enjoy the game.
11) stagger to bed.

Rinse and repeat.


I will generally be doing one of four things, randomly:
1) Reading the boards and posting (mostly the IDB).
2) Writing scripts or designing new items/areas that strike me as useful at that moment.
3) Brainstorming ideas with other imms.
4) Running impromptu plots for people who stumble into my zones/areas I control.  My plots generally don't have a lot of planning.

I don't have much of a schedule and am fairly disorganized.  This is one of the perks of being a Highlord.


This is actually an excellent question, as it offers the chance to clear up many misconceptions people may have about the staff. I will use my own routine as a guide:

I normally log in sometime early in the morning. Normally, I find myself in a blank, featureless room with no exits and must beg a Highlord to let me out. I have since learned that this is referred to as "The Storyteller Crib" and has been the site of many past horrors.

Most of my day is spent polishing things for the Highlords and Overlords. By this, I do not mean I check spelling, grammar, and punctuation on the many new additions to the world; they mail me things such as shoes, jewelry, silverware, and glass eyes for me to shine to a mirror finish. As a few of them have sizeable feet and a great deal of silverware, this ends up occupying most of my time.

When I get a chance, I take a brief break, followed by scanning my email. Normally, this is a brief process; most emails can be answered fairly simply, barring those requiring consultation with another member of the staff. Examples of these include:

- Item submissions that may fall under the area of expertise of another staff member. An example would be the persistent requests I get for "Miracle Cream for Stretch Marks!". Though the pictures provided are quite helpful, it's just not the sort of thing I see Tor producing at the moment. Account Axadfdg, if you're reading this, my emails to you keep bouncing.

-Requests that are unclear or overly verbose, such as "JLuDV1rbsndPQBdH7rZ <<Hi! Please my comrade,read this instantly!>> sps019YFJHeYL". Again, account Axadfdg, please contact me for clarification.

-Special applications: These are tricky, as it really depends on what one is applying for. Just recently I received an application entitled "U wnat asian girls?". Clearly, this application needed to have more information in it for me to be able to approve it.

The email is probably the most rewarding part, as I find it satisfying to deal with real people instead of cold, automated systems.
Following this, I'll work on my own personal projects for the game. Given the recent announcement that baby items will no longer be created, my project to make them skinnable has fallen by the wayside. Instead, I'm working on more fully scripting and populating the Byn latrines, creating an entire suite of appropriate rooms and objects. Unfortunately, this will demand a rather substantial update to the cleaning/scent code, and as such it's taking longer than I had hoped.

Finally, I spend what little time I have left trying to enhance the experience for players by providing atmospheric echoes. I find that echoing things such as "You are hungry" or "The human soldier walks east" really makes things come alive for the players. It never ceases to amaze me how much echoing "The gortok-faced, red-robed templar looks at you" can really make a scene seem organic, and it's those non-coded touches that I think the players really appreciate. If necessary, I'll even load some NPCs to interact with, such as the lanky, long-armed human soldier. 50% of the time, they even fall in the database before the lanky, yellow-skinned gith, saving both myself and the players a great deal of trouble.

I hope this has been helpful to you. If you have any further questions, comments, or requests for me to sign up for a Paypal Visa, please email me.

(note: This is a work of parody, and it does not reflect what I -really- do. The Highlords and Overlords are in fact advanced AI constructs and, as such, do not wear shoes.)

1.  I usually spend at least an hour a day wading through e-mails...
2.  After that, I spend a fair amount of my in-game time idling.  When people need a highlord for various things, I try to help out, talking to players, approving items for the game, referencing poorly documented pieces of code (ooh, that reminds me :/ ) to answer questions, helping storytellers get pieces of data put into the live game, etc.  I also watch my clan(s) as closely as I can, and try to jump in to interact with folks where I can, and (again) where needed, providing IC direction and feedback.
3.  The rest of my time working on the mud, lately, has been spent in familiarizing myself with the codebase, reworking some older systems where needed (and where I can improve their stability), and adding some features (a lot of which, so far, are more visible to staff than players, since I'm a strong believer in good tools).  I get feature-requests from time to time (usually from other staff), which I try to work on when I can, as well.  After that, bugs, typos, etc.

-- X

I'd like to follow Xygax's post with the fact that he makes everything I do much easier, and for the most part always allows me to bother him with some simple scripting question.

Me, I don't spend much time on e-mail, as I don't get much. So I'll log in, check up on some people I've been keeping track of, check the discussion boards, then idle in game while I script or write up objects or crafting recepies. Then after about an hour or two of work, I'll play a half an hour of Quake 3 to get my "graphical action" demons out.

Every day, I check my e-mail before school and see if I can respond to anything short.  Once my last class is over, I check my e-mail once again, see what I can do about applications, and try to entertain members of my clans.

One reason why a staff member might not always be in NPCs is that we create.  I'm working on multiple projects at the moment, some of which will be seen, and others that won't.  As I work and watch my clans, my e-mail checks itself every minute.  If I can pull myself away, I try to answer e-mails as soon as possible.

This is much how I spend my weekends as well.