The Anyali tribes

Started by Louten, December 12, 2003, 02:15:40 PM

As I know Sanvean has said in another post, I have been working hard to further flesh out the Anyali tribes, and thusly I would like some players.

Quote from: ""The Anyali live in the plains east of old Tuluk. They are composed of three human tribes: the Tesdanyali, traders and hunters; the Kidanyali, who loathe outsiders and kill them on sight; and the Athali, the vast majority of which were slain by raiders, and of whom only a few survive. The most important tenet of the Anyali is to keep moving; they believe that to stay in one place too long is to risk kharazhad, the stillness-madness. Accordingly, they believe all city-dwellers hopelessly insane.

If you are interested in this extremely unique culture and language, created nearly entirely by players, e-mail me at so I can provide you with more information. Oh, and be sure to CC and include your account name.

All Anyali characters are required to be approved by me, but otherwise there are no restrictions on who can play them.

The tribes are still very much open for play. Before considering a character, know that cultural and lingual roleplay are a must for Anyali players.