Something like tdescs but for items

Started by val, June 28, 2024, 11:20:05 AM

The idea is pretty much exactly what it says. We can do tdescs for characters to make minor, and in that case temporary, changes. It would be nice to have something similar to append a sentence's worth of information about the current state of an item other than what can be reflected by code (bloodied, dusty, smelly, dyed, etc). Perhaps the pants have a patched knee, the bootlaces have been broken and mended, or someone embroidered hearts on it. As a little way to customize an item. Not as a way to overwrite the native mdesc.

However, similar to tdesc, if you abuse it, you lose it. Since it isn't on your actual character, maybe there is a secret note of what account made the change so that in the rare instance someone starts embroidering silk penises onto smoked ribs and drop-desc'ing chandeliers out of them or whatever, that person can be tracked down.

Maybe there could also be suggested RP guidelines, like 'Please keep in mind what materials, tools, and methods your character has access to' and 'For instance, if you want to have hearts embroidered on your hat, please take it to a clothworker,' etc.