Started by Patuk, June 25, 2024, 11:09:34 AM

If you have a toolbelt, any tool inside should count as being in your inventory for the purposes of trying to craft something that requires such a tool.

Please and thank you.
You take the last bite of your scooby snack.
This tastes like ordinary meat.
There is nothing left now.

This would be cool, I think.
Try to be the gem in each other's shit.

Could do toolbelts like a 'key ring' object and the code pulls the appropriate tool for the craft? 

Would make it a nice QoL addition for crafters and a goal for them to attain the appropriate tools. (Ain't never crafted, ain't gonna craft).

Anything that reduces room spam has my seal of approval. I might still take my tools out to target emotes with them, but that would be a personal choice.

It's @CalmThyPalm everywhere.

Anything that makes crafting less terribly unpleasant is something I like, although this change should be more comprehensive. What about toolbags and other containers which contain the word "tool" in their name?