Season 1, Update 13: Of Copper and Corruption

Started by Valkyrja, June 24, 2024, 11:09:37 AM

Armageddon has been open for just over a week and it has been incredible!

It has been an incredible week! We've seen 225 unique logins and 50 new accounts created since launch. During US peak time, we've had nearly 70 active players each night, while the 'EU Peak' has seen 50 to 60 active players. Impressively, the T'zai Byn clan has reached a record of 42 members!

Our new approach to seasonal consolidation is leading to unprecedented levels of interaction for all players. Off-peak players are now finding the tavern bustling with activity. Every area of the game and each clan is well-populated, with plots unfolding in all directions!

There has never been a better time for PCs to dream big, achieve great things, and make history. There are plots to discover, threads to pull, mountains to climb, depths to plunder, and mysteries to untangle.

Updates from this Week

  • Updated warehouse rental in Allanak is no longer gated behind staff support. Now, all it takes is a merchant token from your friendly neighborhood Templar.
  • New apartments and warehouses added to the game.
  • Improvements to how wagons work.
  • Added 'room' functionality for teaching, allowing PCs to teach skills to an entire room of eager students.
  • Magickers may find that they are now able to share and draw on one another's magickal energy.
  • Building of new areas, NPCs and objects for ongoing plots has not stopped.

>repair armor repair
You have successfully repaired the skill armor repair.

Looking for New Staff

We are currently accepting staff applications. If you love Armageddon and are eager to bring your creativity to the staff side, this is your chance to join a wonderful team of incredible staff members making Armageddon history.

For more information, click here (experienced Armageddon players only).

Rumors around Allanak

A Tavern Regular Seeks Crafters
A quiet regular at the taverns, dressed for the desert, seeks crafters to make a name for themselves. He introduces himself as Hami before leaving a tip and heading out.

The 'Shady Oasis' Tavern!
The Shady Oasis Tavern has reopened on the northern edge of the Bazaar. It's now a bustling spot with a lively crowd, a fighting pit, and a call for hunters and gatherers to enhance their menu.

Opportunities With Oash
Lord Ereb Oash is hiring only the finest temple gemmed for his circle, focusing on magical education. Additionally, he's looking for a normal servant or aide, with criers spreading the word across the city.

Looking for Buyers
Zaranthis is frequently seen selling meat, bones, shells, hides, and other materials around the market. Crafters are encouraged to seek him out for various supplies.

Opportunities for Protectorate
Lord Templar Kastor of the Blue is offering mentorship, protection, and support for enterprising individuals loyal to His Empire. Anyone interested can contact him.

A Row of Hairless Heads
Militia members raised pikes with the heads of dwarves outside the Shady Oasis, a grim reminder of the consequences of challenging the Highlord. Stories vary, but it's clear that the Highlord's wrath struck down the offenders.

Whispers in the Wind
Nyxie, a new bard with extraordinary musical talents, is performing at the Shady Oasis Tavern. Her captivating melodies and tales of adventure make her nightly performances a must-see for anyone seeking inspiration or relaxation.

Patronage for the Arts and Chefs
Lady Zhoira Fale offers patronage to impressive creatives, including sculptors, painters, musicians, and chefs. Aspiring bards and passionate brewers are particularly encouraged to seek this opportunity.

Salarr at the Oasis
The fighting pit at the Shady Oasis is open, with Kourosh Salarr frequently seen around. He's hiring mercenaries for a personal project, offering opportunities for combatants to earn coin and glory.

Violence Spills into the Merchant's Quarter
A man stumbled into the Shady Oasis, bleeding from stab wounds, claiming to have been attacked near House Cordek's compound. Witnesses speculate the attacker might have been an elf, adding to the city's tensions.

The Golden Age of Grebbing
Allanak is experiencing a "Golden Age of Grebbing," with treasures waiting to be unearthed beyond the gates. Despite the optimism, threats from raiders and dwarves loom, casting a shadow over the city's prosperity.

Allanak's Brightest Gem!
Tamar, a new sensation with a flair for comedy, is captivating crowds at the Shady Oasis with her humorous and intuitive performances. Her shows are becoming a highlight for those seeking laughter and vibrant stories.

Death in the Shade!
A duel at the Shady Oasis ended with a man's skull being crushed after a dishonorable display. The man's body now decorates the top of a pile.

A Call for the Gemmed!
Lord Templar Rahvik Oash is calling for Gemmed representatives from all temples for a patriotic accounting. His assistant, Alyssant, is available for brief conversations to facilitate this effort.

An Elven Merchant!
Ainaeris, a Zeif Akir elf, is selling a variety of goods including meals, boots, weapons, and jewelry at the Shady Oasis. Some patrons speculate she might also deal in less-than-reputable items.

Daggers, Darts, and Cures!
Eresh, a well-tattooed young man from the Elkrosi Temple, is selling weapons and offering temple services outside the Shady Oasis. He's open to anyone seeking his goods or services.

A Highborn Duel?
Lady Zhoira Fale challenged Lady Elspeth Tor to a duel following a tense exchange at the arena. Rumors swirl about their previous interactions, with many anticipating further developments.

Valor in the Sands
Under the leadership of Lord Templar Rahvik and Sergeant Talon, a squad led by Kourosh Salarr and the Tzai Byn defeated a horde of raiders. Join the celebration at the Shady Oasis to hear tales of their bravery.

Join the Charge: The Red-Maned Caravan Calls!
Kourosh Salarr's caravan is seeking adventurers and skilled tradesfolk for a journey across the sands. Positions are open for those ready to apply their trade and guard the caravan, with inquiries directed to the Shady Oasis.

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