Suggestion: Haggle to influence how much you can sell

Started by Foulspawn, June 22, 2024, 12:45:25 PM

June 22, 2024, 12:45:25 PM Last Edit: June 23, 2024, 07:11:21 AM by Foulspawn
I believe that the Haggle skill should dictate how much a vendor will buy of an item, not just the prices. This would create opportunities for high haggle characters to generate sids that they would then inject back into the community.

Solution 1: Mo' Haggle, Mo' Product
Premise: Higher haggle allows someone to sell past the regular capacity of a vendor's inventory.

Implementation: A change to affect the NPC's cap with a linear modifier based on haggle. IE: (cap + max(hagglemod,0))

Challenges: - An increase in the amount of sids obtained from selling to vendors could result in inflation.
- This would edge out non-haggle characters from selling to vendors.

Solution 2: Secret Stash, Better Cash
Premise: Haggle gains a new use where one can attempt to sell directly to an NPC without adding to the cap. 

Implementation: An increasingly difficult check where a person attempts to sell directly to the NPC. The chance could be 100 - resistance * (1 / max(hagglemod,1)) where resistance = sids made so far from selling to him or something like that. So your first attempt is always a high amount. This could reset every few days or so (or how haggling already resets when they hate you)

Challenges: - A more complex implementation.
- Creates the opportunity for cartels of haggle-folk that print sids
- Eliminates some product from the game instead of landing in peoples hands.

Both solutions I propose have their own problems and more, but who knows, might be useful.

I would like the first over the second a little, but an influx of sid is needed in the current IC economy.
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