Map of Allanak Changes

Started by talos, June 14, 2024, 09:43:17 PM

Map of Allanak Changes

The Map of Allanak has changed.  You can view the changes in the helpfile here:

Brief Summary:

Some of the changes are "retcons".  Some of the changes are filling in empty spaces in the map, and some changes are to make the city "map" better if players use mapping software.


The entrance to the T'zai Byn compound is still at the corner of Slaves Road and Warrior's Way, but the entrance is to the -east- and not to the -north-.

The Road of Commerce has been extended south - deeper into the Merchant's Quarter, and now meets up at the Merchant's Gates.

The stables on the east side of the city has moved closer to the Merchant's Gates.

The "Great Merchant House Employees" apartments has been moved to a side-street off of Merchant's Road instead of being north of the Arena side-street.

The Main Bazaar has a total refreshed look and feel.

The Red's Retreat is closed to the public.

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