Season 1, Update 12: The Final Countdown (Character Apps Open!)

Started by Valkyrja, June 10, 2024, 03:26:16 PM

121 days. 11 staff. 50 years. 359 newsletter sign ups. 1873 immortal discussion board posts.  3238 object saves. 8199 npc updates. 24901 room updates. 249,718 updated lines of code and 49,842 new lines of code. 103 karma reviews requests. 39 sponsored role applicants totalling 68 applications. 40 other role and special applications. 1 game. 5 days to go.


You asked and we delivered. This command allows you to increase your character's skills a certain number of times each week, reflecting the life they lead outside your active playtime. Just a little to take the edge off the grind or help you to prioritize role play over skill progression if you have limited play time. It's not going to make your PC Lord of the Sands, but it should help to keep you moving forward.

View the full help file here. (

Skill sheet update

Branch and skill increase indicators have been added to character skill sheets, so you can now easily check whether your character has just increased a skill or whether or not a skill they have still has a branch available.

View the relevant help file here. (

I challenge you to a duel!

In Year 37 of the 23rd Age, two of His Nine Noble Houses were destroyed for their failures in decorum and loyalty. Still, Allanakis are a violence craving sort, Nobility included - it had to be sated somehow. Soon after, Nobles began challenging one another to duels with the blessing and written agreement supervised by one of His Templarate. The subset of Nobility who still wished to make one another bleed had found a legal means to sidestep the law and avoid a repeat of the Night of Ashen Highborn. Dueling then became popularized by the newly Premier House Tor, with other Noble Houses responding by hiring Champions to fight in their stead. Those chosen to fight in the stead of Nobility have found themselves at the heart of deadly politics.

Dueling is now an established tradition across the breadth of social strata. Please avail yourselves of the shiny new help file here ( for more information.

Most importantly! The character creation tool is open

As of today, applications for regular characters are open via the web app. We are pre-approving characters ahead of our launch day on the 15th!

Click here ( for the character creation tool. New players can create accounts here ( For an excellent guide on character creation for new players, written by Mansa, check here (,57907.0.html).

See you in five days!

Until then, shade and water.

The Armageddon Staffing Team