Season 1, Update 11: Elves, rules and sponsored roles!

Started by Valkyrja, June 04, 2024, 10:42:33 AM

On City Elves

In the year 51, a sudden surge of activity emerged from the traditionally xenophobic Eastside of the Labyrinth. Within weeks, a large labor force of elves constructed a new alley providing direct access to their plaza and began quietly inviting those willing to listen to visit.

The Elven Market serves as both a physical location and a new emblem for the City Elves of Allanak. It is not a structured clan but a place where elven ideals are celebrated, business is conducted, and relationships are cultivated for future benefit. This marketplace of goods, ideas, and favors is overseen by the Tribes, the long-lived dynasties of City Elves, and is known for its orderliness and maintenance despite the absence of a military presence.

With the establishment of the Elven Market, new help files for the City Elf Race have been introduced to address long-standing issues. While the race itself remains largely unchanged, these updates aim to enhance the play experience for elves, removing some constraints to make them more accessible while preserving their unique role as an undercurrent to mainstream society.

Click here to view the new help files!

Most notably, City Elves should no longer be stereotyped into criminal roles. Instead, they should pursue an 'elven ideal' of power and influence using whatever tools their character chooses. This freedom allows players to interpret elven ideals according to their playstyle, making interactions between humans and elves more dynamic, interesting, and unpredictable due to differing cultural values.

The Zeif Akir

High above the bustling streets of Allanak's southern Commoner's Quarter, the Zeif Akir, affectionately known as the Bug Elves, make their home on the city's rooftops. This unique collective of city elves is renowned for their deep connection to the insect world, influencing every aspect of their culture and livelihood.

The Zeif Akir are master crafters of chitin armor, insect-themed jewelry, and various other items made from the byproducts of the insects they breed and trade. Their rooftop realm is a testament to their adaptability and resourcefulness, incorporating tents and repurposed structures into a thriving community.

Although magick is met with suspicion and generally rejected, the Zeif Akir's practical approach to life has earned them a reputation for resilience and ingenuity. They maintain a cautious neutrality with neighboring tribes and factions, engaging in discreet trade to sustain their unique way of life.

Intrigued by the elusive Bug Elves? Keep an eye out for their distinctive crafts and tales of rooftop adventures during your next market visit.

Rules, Glorious Rules

Somewhere along the way, Armageddon's in-game play got tangled up in an awful lot of red tape and rules. Many IC rules were enforced via IC measures, while others were enforced through OOC nudging. As you've probably read in a past release, we're doing away with OOC admonishments for IC rules. IC rules are there to be bent, broken, and flounced past, just be prepared for IC consequences if your character gets caught!

What we haven't mentioned is that we're also ditching a lot of the IC rules and restrictions too. I won't list every exact change, if you're in a clan, your Storytellers and clan docs should fill you in (though some may still be in progress as we continue to refine gameplay).

However, here are some examples:

T'zai Byn mercenaries can do anything people will pay them for and that the Sergeant fancies taking contracts for. They're there to make money. If they step on your toes, take it up with them IC.

GMH Leaders can charge whatever they damn well want for whatever they can be bothered to sell. They have to buy their own materials and purchase saleable products from the House, so they can figure out their own markups. They can also get from A to B however they like and use whatever services they want. Their success, wellbeing and bank account is theirs to make or break.

Nobles are allowed hobbies. They can have interests and skills they want to pursue. Flower arranging? Painting? Sparring at the Tor academy? Fancy a climb, a romp around in the wagon, or a delve into the sewers? Sure. If they get themselves killed, kidnapped, or socially embarrassed? Sounds like a them problem.

What About Player Clans?

We bumped heads and decided we weren't fans of the rigid player clan process. So, we're ditching it for now (we'll figure out something else eventually). That doesn't mean there won't be player clans; it just means no more rigid process. If you want to start a player clan, just put in a request, and a friendly neighborhood staffer will work with you on a custom process that fits your concept.

You'll still need to meet the IC challenges of your environment (like Allanaki merchants dealing with Trade Templars and buying licenses), and your staffer will come up with quests and challenges for growth that's not codedly supported (buildings, NPCs, etc.). You'll find you can handle a bit more yourself before needing staff support, with options like available spaces to rent and shared bank accounts.

Sponsored Role Calls

These are now OPEN! Please head over to the this thread to check out the available roles and for more information on how to apply for them. These roles are really only appropriate for experienced players, but fret not, if you are going to be a new player to our game rest assured that there will be plenty of exciting roles coming up over the next few months as you find your feet.

On behalf of the entire staffing team we thank you for your patience during downtime and we are so excited to see you in game and roaming the sands of Zalanthas once more.

His Shadow,
The Armageddon Team