Season 1, Update 9: Money for Nothing and Your Deaths for Free + Role Call Timeline

Started by Valkyrja, May 21, 2024, 01:52:58 PM

Welcome to a quality of life update email. No historical snippets or short stories this week, just a bunch of updates and changes designed to improve the player experience.

Shared bank accounts
Huzzah! Characters can now create a shared bank account with others, without the need for a clan. It's not using your personal account, it's creating a new account that's shared with others. With shared accounts we are hoping for better continuity for PC clans and other groups. Bribing the off-peak Templar has never been easier! This functionality will help foster better connectivity and continuing stories between PCs who may not be able to connect lately due to playtime differences. We'll share the full help file on launch day June 15th!

Advanced Start
It's no secret that many of our players don't particularly enjoy 'the grind' or simply no longer have time for it. To that end, we have introduced the Advanced Start option to improve their experience. This special application option allows players to create PCs with a head start in their key skills, providing significant boosts to starting skill levels, extra gear for clanned characters, and more starting coin for independents. It is compatible with all mundane class options and is a great option for players who would sometimes just like to hit the ground running and jump straight into the action.
Check out the full details here in this forum post.

Changes To PK Guidance & Helpfile
ArmageddonMUD features an unrestricted PvP environment within a permadeath framework, making it a highly dangerous world where death can come swiftly. To ensure that PvP enhances character-driven interactions, our updated policy provides clear guidelines for responsible roleplay, emphasizing respect for fellow players and the storytelling process. Players can engage in combat anywhere in the game world but must consider the impact on the broader narrative and community, using roleplaying tools to communicate motives and enrich the game. Clear communication with staff is also expected to ensure that PK meets our RP standards, ensuring that in-character conflicts contribute meaningfully to the overall game world.
Read the full help file here.

Role Calls, Applications & Launch Timeline!
We will be posting our leader and special role calls June 1st! Instructions and expectations will be included in a mega-thread detailing all of them in the same place. Here is our timeline for this:

June 1st - Role calls are open with the details posted.
June 7th - Role calls close.
June 7th - 10th - Staff make decisions!
June 10th - Regular apps and specapps (non-leaders/sponsored) may app as normal to receive pre-approval. (This way you can make any adjustments required before the launch date and get to playing right away on June 15th.)
June 10th to June 13th - Set up of leadership roles.
June 13th & 14th - Session Zero for sponsored and leadership roles.
June 15th - Game launches yay!

We look forward to seeing you in game!