Season 1, Update 7: Shadows of the North, Starting Loc., Origins & Clans

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The Grey Forest

Approximately Year 40 of the 23rd Age, a decisive action was taken by Muk Utep to address the persistent issues emanating from the Drovian shadow located over the Grey Forest. A mission led by Muk's forces resulted in the subsidence of the surrounding darkness and other related disturbances, signaling a new chapter of relative stability in the area. When the shadow finally lifted, it revealed a devastated forest that took decades more again to recover and regain its former vitality.

Many ventured into its depths to explore this new landscape, but few returned. Those who did claimed that the once-abundant kryl threat had vanished, leaving those curious about the new territory puzzled as to what was now claiming the lives of explorers.

Morin's Village

After the liberation from the suffocating grip of the shadow, Morin's emerged from its long nightmare. The toll of two decades under the shroud had left an indelible mark on the once-thriving community. Those who endured the darkness bore visible scars, both physical and psychological, their minds and bodies warped by the relentless oppression of the Drov and its umbral abominations. The fabric of the town itself seemed to mirror the bleakness that had engulfed it for so long.

As the first rays of sunlight pierced through the lingering darkness, revealing the town's desolate streets and pallid inhabitants, it became apparent that Morin's was no longer the vibrant hub it once was. The population immediately dwindled, with many fleeing to the sanctuary of Tuluk. Only the strangest and most twisted of the inhabitants remained. Morins became essentially a ghost town, empty buildings echoing with the whispers of the past.

Raiders and thieves brave enough to make their way inside looted what was left behind, leaving only the structures – at least those that made it out to tell tales of their exploits. Many who risked the journey and did survive told of a group that inhabited the abandoned village, calling themselves The Grey. 

Year 45 of the 23rd Age
It was determined the village should be shuttered rather than burnt to the ground.  The gates were shut and barred.  While there were no inhabitants to be seen when the soldiers came to shutter the village, to this day, strange wailing sounds, cries of pain, and clawing against the walls can occasionally be heard coming from within.


The surge of the tainted Morin's populace into Tuluk triggered the implementation of martial law across the city-state. This action resulted in the shutdown of several businesses and the construction of barricades around Red Sun Commons, restricting access to key parts of the city. Despite these constraints, rumors of a hidden vibrant culture beyond the barricades persist, hinting at pockets of laughter, song, and beauty, although the specifics of activities within Tuluk's heart remain veiled in secrecy.

While Tuluk remains open to visitors, the reception they encounter is notably less warm than in the past. Faithful are seldom, if ever, seen, and the Red Sun Commons is now predominantly patrolled by the synchronized marches of the Listless. The city-state appears to have turned inward, minimizing its external engagements for several decades. Occasionally, when prospectors venture Northwards in their search for profitable stakes, Tuluki forces will show themselves, swiftly assuming control over any discovered areas of interest.

Periodically, a Kadian trade delegation ventures beyond the city walls on an expedition across the Known, making brief diplomatic appearances in Allanak. These forays are marked by minimal engagement and the delegates are notably reticent about their experiences inside Tuluk, invariably sparking renewed curiosity each time the topic resurfaces.

The Grey Forest OOC Update

The Grey Forest has undergone a comprehensive renovation, taking a bit longer than I initially anticipated but resulting in significant improvements (I hope you agree!). While the geography remains essentially unchanged, numerous mapping errors have been corrected (no, unfortunately, that was not an intentionally spooky labyrinth amidst the trees and the mud, it was just very very broken). Room descriptions have been updated, and the trees throughout the forest have been diversified to include young, medium, and old varieties. The flora has been refreshed and detailed, and many new echoes have been added to enhance the atmosphere across different biomes. Additionally, the wildlife has been updated to exhibit some seasonal behaviors and reproductive cycles. Changes have also been made to the inhabitants of the forest. There are new places to discover and new resources to harvest. Everything is now sim-desert controlled (herb mappers need not apply).

Starting locations, Origins & Clans

These are the origins and starting locations that will be available at the launch of Season 1. Please note that this list will change as the Season progresses.


The Labyrinth of Allanak
Red Storm Village
Luir's Outpost
Two Moons (Desert Elf)
None (Tribal Humans, Virtual Tribes Only)

Please note, this does mean that we are currently not accepting Morin's or Tuluk origins of any kind.

Starting Locations:

The Labyrinth of Allanak
Red Storm Village
Two Moons Camp (Desert Elf)

Open Clans/Groups at the Launch of Season 1:

These are the clans/groups/tribes that will be open at the launch of Season 1. Please note that this list will likely change as the Season progresses; if a clan you are interested in playing in is not listed, it will not be open at launch, but that may change depending on the number of active players and how the meta-plot progresses.

Allanaki Templarate
Arm of the Dragon (Allanak Militia)
Gemmed Elementalist Temples
The Guild
House Salarr (including Expansion Division)
House Kurac (including Mobile Ops/Outriders)
PC Tavern
T'zai Byn
House Oash
House Fale
House Tor
Two Moons
Zeif Akir
[Secret Clan]
[Secret Clan 2]

We look forward to seeing all the weird and wonderful concepts you guys come up with when we open for character applications!

His Shadow,
The Armageddon Team