Season 1, Update 6: Decline and Defiance

Started by Valkyrja, April 26, 2024, 04:38:47 PM


It's not just Allanak that has been getting an update, our team has been hard at work sprucing up the outposts and villages too. The most notable of those being, of course, Luir's and Red Storm Village.

Luir's Outpost
The 50 Year History:
Luir's Outpost, once a bustling trading hub at a pivotal junction on the North Road, has experienced a marked decline. The introversion of Tuluk, coupled with the cursed shadow that hunt upon the Grey Forest, disrupting the supply of crucial materials, severely impacted the Outpost's economy. Goods that once filled the market yard have become scarce. This, and later, sweeping problems have caused diminished trade with the Tablelands and tribal groups.

Today, Luir's Outpost still attracts those seeking spice, gambling and other vices, yet its economic vitality has significantly waned. The merchant stronghold, once a powerhouse of commerce, now grapples with an economic recession. Kurac, Salarr and Kadius have all seen a notable exodus of employees, especially soldiers and hunters.

Now, only the most dedicated lifesworn remain, albeit reluctantly. A pervasive sense of despair hangs over Luir's. Taxes on common goods have skyrocketed, beggars have become a common sight, and slavers and raiders watch eagerly for vulnerable targets leaving the gates. While unlawful groups have not taken complete control, the Outpost's outskirts are widely regarded as unsafe.

Game updates:
Issues preventing the availability of certain tavern shop items have been resolved, and a new food item has been added. The old bartender has been retired, and a new one has been hired. Significant changes have been made to the marketplace to align with IC history, including the addition of walls around a specific area and guards stationed on both sides for increased security. Additionally, the main GMH shop NPCs have been refreshed, and the NPC population has been adjusted to reflect recent ICevents, ensuring a seamless and engaging gameplay experience.

Red Storm Village
The 50 Year History:
Beginning around the 33rd year, an enterprising group of silt sea traders, known as the Silt Traders, gradually accumulated wealth through sifting spice, importing scarce items, and harvesting styrax wood. To ensure their operations went uninterrupted, they paid off the Crimson Wind to ward off raids and bribed local soldiers for peace. Their influence in the village grew steadily, positioning them as major players, second only to the Great Merchant Houses. The group was publicly led by a man named Vorin, whose rising power and wealth eventually convinced him that he could challenge the Sandlord and seize control of the village.

In the 53rd year, Vorin and his followers launched an attack against the village, targeting the Sandlord's soldiers, storming key buildings, and attempting to usurp authority. For a brief period, it seemed the Silt Traders might prevail. However, the Sandlord had anticipated their moves. Kuraci mercenaries and Crimson Wind raiders, disguised as villagers or concealed within buildings, were strategically positioned throughout the village. This prepared force repelled the Silt Traders' assault, decisively crushing them. The conflict, now referred to as The Uprising in Red Storm's recent history, reaffirmed the Sandlord's dominance with the neighboring powers and spurred rumors of his immortality.

Today, merely mentioning the names 'Vorin' or 'Silt Traders' prompts an immediate spit on the ground, a customary gesture of disdain for their legacy. Veterans of The Uprising frequently recount their strategic maneuvers in local taverns, often persuading both newcomers and locals to honor their tales with rounds of drinks....

Game Updates
Kadius and Salarr have both had some improvements to their shops, warehouses and compounds. Armor and tailor NPCs have been relocated into these warehouses and proper NPC guards have been created so that keys are no longer necessary. The new SAVE flag has been used to expand save rooms within the compounds too.

Rank insignias have been added to all members of the Red Storm Militia. And small adjustments have been made to the local economy. Discuss scripts for various NPCs have been updated to include narratives of events from the past 50 years.

Better provisions have been made for PC clans within Red Storm with some automation added similarly to Allanak.

Shade an' water,

The Armageddon Team

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