Season 1, Update 4: PC Tavern & Road Work

Started by Valkyrja, April 12, 2024, 10:29:54 AM

Update 4:

We wanted to update you on a few changes we've incorporated into Season 1 at launch -- The Red Desert Road between Luir's Outpost and Allanak, and the PC Run Tavern that will be the new main tavern of Allanak. We also have flattened our Staffing structure, removing the 'Administrator' role and adding the 'Senior Storyteller' role.

We have a call to action for those of you itching to exercise your writing chops during downtime. We're accepting submissions for paintings, sculptures, and other art pieces. The intent is to build out a museum dedicated to Allanaki history, notable figures, events, and other southern-inspired stuff!

More information at the link below:
Allanaki Art Submissions

AND NOW -- On to the Newsletter --

The Red Desert Road

A short historical blurb:

   ...A historically significant road project was completed in the 50th year of 23rd Age that saw stone laid in the Red Desert to finally reconnect Allanak and Luir's Outpost – The Red Desert Road.

   Funded by the Great Merchant Houses who partnered with Allanak, this road follows the dangerous path that merchants of old used through the desert, only guided by stones, monuments, and obelisks.  Now that it has been built, Allanaki soldiers frequently patrol the road to the fringes of the Vrun Driath, though rumor has it that sometimes these same soldiers who keep the dangers of the desert at bay will exact a toll from small groups passing through.  It is not uncommon to see a group of slaves or criminals from Allanak, or laborers from Luir's Outpost, making their way along the road to maintain it and clear it of debris, with the Great Merchant Houses paying the cost.

   Though the road has been built, danger surrounds the trade path between Allanak and Luir's – Raiders, Gith, and dangerous fauna still assault the unprepared. The T'zai Byn has seen an uptick in business with the more straightforward travel, though their money is hard earned.

   In recent years, there has been disagreements among those same Great Merchant Houses concerning the funding of these maintenance projects.  Should these fall apart, who knows how long the road will last?

Player Run Tavern and the Main Bazaar of Allanak

   With nebulous origins, the new tavern within the Bazaar of Allanak swiftly made an impression on many walks of life. With its proximity to the Labyrinth, whose borders expanded with the previous food crisis, and the T'zai Byn Compound, all types of villains and opportunists can be found there...

   We've decided to make the center of player interaction run by the players. We will be putting out a role call leading up to the launch of Season 1, asking for a small crew of PCs to run the main tavern of Allanak. It is starting very basic and bare bones – One story, one room, and the main dormitory where new PCs that start in Allanak will arrive in. From there? It can be renamed, expanded, upgraded, changed, and made your own. Consider it an homage to the Consortium of Wonder, our nod as Staff to you, the players, to be the rulers of your own domain.

   We are also making the Bazaar of Allanak a new focus for Season 1 -- the PC tavern will be there, new PCs will start there, and all of the major shopping will be there, as well as proximity to compounds like the T'zai Byn and Greater Merchant Houses. We hope this provides more opportunity for interaction, and less time spent globetrotting the city looking for it. We have currently updated all rooms of the Bazaar, adding aisles and tightly packed stalls, plazas and buildings, giving it more of a lived in feeling and adding milieu descriptions and changes. We hope you enjoy!

   Stay Tuned for the role call for the PC Tavern Organization coming soon!

   Until then...Shade and Water!