Season 1, Update 3: Noble Houses

Started by Valkyrja, April 04, 2024, 09:06:11 AM

Now with more teeth!

We have major changes planned for all the Noble Houses. This week we're going to provide a little insight into that for Tor & Fale. A snippet from the new docs:

The Night of Ashen Highborn
After years of political and actual backstabbing, blood in the streets and the Arboretum, the tragic saga abruptly came to an end. As dusk descended on the 58th Day of the Descending Sun, in the 37th year of the 23rd Age, the estates of House Valika and House Kasix were engulfed in flames, claiming numerous noble lives and those of their retinues. The following morning, a somber decree issued forth from Exalted Lady Izel Sath regarding consequences, acting on the authority of Tektolnes himself.

As punishment for the turmoil, House Kasix and House Valika face permanent dissolution for their part in escalating the feud. The Senators and Heads of both Houses are summarily executed. The remaining nobles of the destroyed families were stripped of their signet rings, station, titles, and assets. Houses Oash, Borsail, and Fale are demoted for their involvement, but retain both nobility and riches.

A restructuring of the noble hierarchy as declared on 58th Day of the Descending Sun, in the 37th year of the 23rd age:

First Tier
House Tor - elevated to premier House as punishment to the other two
House Oash - demoted
House Borsail - demoted

Second Tier
House Rennik - promoted
House Sath - promoted

Third Tier
House Fale - demoted
House Jal

A New Fale Play
    As though scooping up the winner's pot during a brawl, House Fale acquired a plethora of loans and debts that once afforded House Valika its influence. Consequently, Fale dug deep into the latest plots and schemes faster than anyone could shout for the bouncer. Whilst they soured relations with Houses Oash and Kadius, they suddenly knew a whole lot more about the entire political board game. In addition, the depth of their debt roster is known only to their senior nobility, causing everyone to be wary of just what a Fale might know or how they might twist a blackmailing knife.

Brief summary of the changes to House Fale:
House Fale has taken up the role of loan shark and conflict profiteer. Their investments across the city grant them political sway and access to rumors. They do not employ mages. Their documentation has been updated to reflect the 50 Year History.

Brief summary of the changes to House Tor:
House Tor has been elevated to the Premier House of Allanak. At the discretion of the Tor Noble PC, the Academy may train Gemmed Mages sponsored by the Templarate, Noble Houses or T'zai Byn and may hire one Academy Gemmed as the primary instructor. The Tor Academy will now accept officer candidates from all military organizations, GMH and Noble Houses with the approval of their current employer. Their documentation has been updated to reflect the 50 Year History as well as received a thorough overhaul.

Brief summary of the changes to House Oash:
House Oash is undertaking a new secret project and has added a new area. Their documentation has been updated to reflect the 50 Year History.

Brief summary of other Noble House changes:
House Kasix has been dissolved with its roles and monopolies up for grabs by Borsail and Tor. House Valika is also dissolved, with its functions and monopolies absorbed by the Templarate, House Fale and other Houses.

From a game design perspective: We are looking to create an experience for all PCs to have relevancy for both the main plots and sub plots organized by staff, in addition to having agency for their own! While there might be social class imbalance, we want everyone to feel as though they are involved and meaningful to the play experience of the game. Put simply - this just means that player characters "need a role in the story". We have no doubts that players are going to pursue their own goals and rivalries, but having a base level of supported interactivity is key to our philosophy of a rich play experience.

We'll have more updates for the other organizations and regions soon. These updates are just in the order of final approval for our changes. Fear not, grebbers, rinthis and Bynners, etc. We understand that Noble roles and their clan members are more akin to plot starters, rather than the meat of the population.