Seasons Update 2: Magefall

Started by Valkyrja, March 26, 2024, 01:15:00 PM

March 26, 2024, 01:15:00 PM Last Edit: March 28, 2024, 04:02:42 PM by Valkyrja
Magick will never be the same in Allanak

We have big changes coming up for you magick wielders. Gemmed and rogue magick in Armageddon MUD is evolving to open up with new social dynamics, mechanics, and roleplaying opportunities!

Famine strikes Allanak in the 25th year of the 23rd Age, igniting strife between the Great Houses as the city is embroiled in deadly riots. In the midst of chaos, Houses Oash and Jal advocate for the value of Gemmed labour, leading a coalition of like-minded Houses. They position the Gemmed not only as crucial assets but as saviors of the populace, leveraging their abilities for profit and influence. These political efforts elevate the Gemmed, granting them unprecedented social status and influence within the city.

19th day of the Descending Sun, in the 70th year of the 23rd Age
However, this period of momentary glory does not last. Mere decades later, the fragile state shatters when a Guild-backed conspiracy, rooted in the dark beliefs of a cult, orchestrates a night of terror remembered as Magefall. In a single night, hundreds of Gemmed are brutally murdered, their blood staining the city's streets. Now with the smoke cleared, the city of Allanak has been split into two beliefs: That Gemmed are despised sub-citizens at the core of all the city's woes or that they are useful tools who deserve a marginally better lifestyle.

Brief summary of the elementalist quarter building —
  • Adjusted 50+ rooms to reflect passage of time and historical events in the Elementalist quarter.
  • Adjusted 30+ NPCs with new actions and discussion scripts
  • Labyrinth has had its borders adjusted to reflect an increase in population, dubbed "Labyrinth Spillover".
  • Dynamic shade, custom sunrise/sunset, weather, and other code added to the Elementalist quarter and surrounding streets (Caravan Road and Wall Road).

Brief summary of changes to the clanning of Gemmed —
  • There will be a Gemmed NPC in the T'zai Byn and PC officers will be able to decide if they'd like to recruit Gemmed in a limited capacity.
  • The Tor Academy will welcome Gemmed and magick-powered sparring under the watchful eye of the Scorpion Elite.
  • The Templarate will have final say on Gemmed accepting employment from a clan. Bribes accepted!

With these changes, we are seeking to evolve the story in the next Season to be inclusive to our mage players of new experiences and opportunities. This doesn't mean that mundane players are left behind, however - as the social consequence of change affects everyone. Both the common people and nobility are split on this issue. Which side will you choose?

Welcome, new Storytellers!
Agigaak, Caifex, Hulrouk, Talos, Valkyrja - eager conniving, murderous, and lovely human beings who bring a combined 120+ years of Armageddon experience to the team! They're already hard at work in the salt mines of their respective areas of interest.

Staffing call!
We are looking for a web developer. To apply, please submit a Role Application titled "Web Developer," outlining your coding experience and any relevant skills. We'll be reviewing applications and conducting interviews to find the right fit for this important role. Note, you can still play the game if volunteering as a developer!

NPC call!
If you'd like to contribute to the game by writing up some sexy and/or weird bazaar NPCs, please check this out: Allanaki Bazaar-O World

Stay tuned for more updates!