Wood in the New Season

Started by NinjaFruitSalad, February 27, 2024, 06:39:11 AM

So a question came to mind, regarding the new up and coming season...

If all play, character, and plots are to be focused on Allanak, then where will people get wood and spice? Will there still be people logging all the way up in Morin's or panning all the way south past Red Storm?

Will we have hunters and people still going out to hunt critters in the wastes for meat and bone? Or will everyone be confined within the city walls and be unable to leave?

I'm just genuinely curious about how the admins intend to keep gameplay concentrated within Allanak when most raw resources come from outside...

A lot more NPC vendors, perhaps?

Staff made pretty clear the game world won't be shrank all that much, it's just the area they'll support and host clans out of that will be. The northlands will be there, and you can presumably then go logging.
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