House Salarr: Seeking Expansive Adventure?

Started by Eurynomos, December 02, 2023, 08:38:54 PM

December 02, 2023, 08:38:54 PM Last Edit: December 02, 2023, 08:40:56 PM by Eurynomos
Having the Monday Blues with your current PC?

Curious what it would feel like to say this to another GMH Family member trying to hustle you for resources?

Looking to try on a new set of Black and Steel Duds and try your hand at down-and-dirty politicking?

It's not over...

Till you say...

We are looking to fill a Family Position in House Salarr. It starts at Merchant Trainee, but much akin to our favorite Daniel Plainview, the role of this Salarri will be Expeditionary. They will be tasked with Seeking, and Establishing, just as much as they are tasked with building politics, rapport and relationships, far and wide, North and South (though the emphasis, of course, is in Allanak).

...We have a few plots in the crock pot, awaiting you...


-Looking to get a leg up on leadership roles/karma points, interested in trying on the Salarri Duds and giving a GMH role a shot.
-Interested in the long haul -- Starting at Merchant Trainee creates a lot of verticality to the role, and ability to rise through the ranks.
-Play to the hilt. We aren't looking for people who want to play it safe, tick all the boxes for promotions, and play the role for 2 RL years. We are looking for someone who wants to get out there, shake things up, and stir up the RP Plot Pool.
-A self-starter and able to create plot threads of their own; able to also follow bread crumbs for plots laid by Staff.
-Interested in contributing to the large and diverse database of Salarri Weaponry and Armor, and purveying it through the Known.
-Adroit at understanding politics, whether or not your PC does.
-A good communicator; not going to jump down our throats when something goes weird.
-Willing and Able to put in leadership reports every 1-2 weeks, or as needed, to keep track of your little minions.
-Able to put in consistent playtimes -- I'm mainly around after 7PM EST for animation purposes, but will support you through the request tool as needed.
-Looking forward to access to Reading and Writing Cavilish! This is a rare feat in ArmageddonMUD, as Reading and Writing is restricted and restrictive.

We the Staff:

-We Commit to being kind and communicative with you, and setting you up for success as a player.
-We will support you in one of the more difficult roles -- A GMH Family Leadership Role. We are aware this has typically high turnover. I have played a few GMH Leaders, so has Natious, and so has Oenom, so we will provide our collective experience and support to you throughout.
-We will make clear our expectations for the role and any course corrections that might be needed politely and effectively.
-We will collaborate with you on plots and plans and try to make this role as fun, thrilling, dangerous, and adventurous as possible!

If you are interested, please submit applications under 'Role Application' for House Salarr as the clan, and title it something fun.
Applications will be considered until 12/9/2023. Time's ticking -- tick, tick, tick.
ArmageddonMUD Staff

December 10, 2023, 10:00:27 PM #1 Last Edit: December 14, 2023, 01:25:04 PM by Eurynomos
This is now closed. This was put up before the announcement of Seasons (believe it or not), and we felt it does not make much sense to app in a Salarri at this time, given population of the game, and impending closure for downtime leading into Season 1 starting February 10th.

Thanks to all for their interest.
ArmageddonMUD Staff