Reality Show Casting Call

Started by Brokkr, November 18, 2023, 08:07:53 PM

Our newest secret casting call is for a Reality Plot!  I am looking for folks that do not get along with others. 4ish players that would be interested in playing characters that:

  • Ok with varying degrees of hostility
  • Ok not going into cities with them pesky templars
  • Ok with violence in many forms
  • Ok with being multi-facetted antagonist
  • Ok with being in only one Season, unless the show gets good ratings.
  • Ok being carted off to a beautiful island where there is only you and the other hot contestants and all you brought was a bathing sui....errrr, wrong show.  But something like that.
  • Ok with a high probability your character will get killed off in the Season opener.
  • You will all be mundane and get advanced start, but you can never leave your clan.
  • Except one* of you, who can't leave either.

I'll leave this open at least a couple of days, but if we get enough demand might not be much more than that.  Put in a Role Call application noting that you are interest in the latest Reality series cast.

* rules and restrictions apply, 3K, no refunds or combination with other special offers

Casting call is closed.

Cast members have been selected.  Applicants who applied will be considered alternates, just in case anyone drowns swimming to the island.

Thank you for all the interest.  Please tune in once we go on air.