Gab of the Week: Human Tribals

Started by Kavrick, November 14, 2023, 07:44:55 PM

Do you play Human tribals?

Ai, pit-dweller, it's all I know!
7 (16.7%)
To switch things up occasionally and play away from the cities
10 (23.8%)
Rarely, if I want to try a specific concept.
10 (23.8%)
I don't play them, but I enjoy seeing them!
10 (23.8%)
I don't play them, and either don't like seeing them, or don't have a strong opinion.
5 (11.9%)

Total Members Voted: 42

Desert elves offer something unique that's only available in a coded tribe.  The uniqueness isn't stronger combat-wise than a human. It's weaker in many ways. But it is unique and fun. Imagine if desert elves could have unofficial tribes and join clans.  I'm sure the population in the official tribes would be lower.

I don't think human tribals need coded uniqueness especially if it came with a limitation to official tribes. I do think they need to be role called in a clump so people can enjoy the uniqueness of a busy human tribe, and then rotated when their population dies off.