A question about the Docs

Started by My 2 sids, December 04, 2003, 01:00:31 PM

Hi.  I've noticed there has been a few discussions on both child pcs and relationships (marriage, family, dating, etc.)  and people have rationalized and quoted a few sporadic things from the docs but still there is a loss of overall acceptance of how these things should be played.  Also, I was wondering who makes the docs and if there were any plans to create a relationship or child pc docs or helpfiles.  Thanks.
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My preference is not to constrain people's roleplay when possible. Having a child may be of crucial importance for one character's story, while perhaps in another's, the baby is handed off immediately to a virtual nanny or family member. Either way seems equally realistic to me, and is simply a matter of the player's preference.

I've posted before on how, imo, a PC at the age of 13 - the youngest possible character age, should be played, which is as a semi-adult, by all intents and purposes.  Old enough to fall in love or kill another being.  Here again, though, as long as the character is realistic, I'm not going to dictate flavor of play. I've seen 13 year olds played as though they were simple-minded seven year olds, and there, imo, one has wandered past the verdant fields of reality and into the Pastures of Misconception.

As far as the docs go - usually they're written by someone with an interest in or clear vision of an aspect of the game, either staff or player, and then edited/checked by staff. People are welcome to submit documentation if they feel there is a gap in the existing docs.