Arena Bloodsport, this SATURDAY September 23rd!

Started by Trevalyan, September 17, 2023, 09:19:31 PM

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It's time for COMBAT! It's time for CROWDS! It's time for ARENA VIOLENCE!


Yeah, you heard me! There's gonna be a river of booze, huge interest, and even a performance from a fully-ranked Bard of the Silent Circle! Anyone who misses it may as well DIE!

So join up, this Friday, September 22nd SATURDAY at 7 PM server time! Citizens of Tuluk only! (Possibly very special exemptions)

This is now SATURDAY, September 23rd! Those who have claimed otherwise are ordered to report in for counselling!

Are mindbenders welcome? I could tell a poem through the way!
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Armageddon is best when it's actually harsh and brutal, not when we're only pretending that it is.

Quote from: Krath on September 19, 2023, 10:23:19 AMAre mindbenders welcome? I could tell a poem through the way!

Absolutely. All are welcome in Tuluk.

Just not everyone gets to leave.
I remember recruiting this Half elf girl. And IMMEDIATELY taking her out on a contract. Right as we go into this gith hole I tell her "Remember your training, and you'll be fine." and she goes "I have no training." Then she died

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All the bard events were making me sad due to consistently being at the impossible for me 2pm-3pm range all the time. Boo.

This is awesome. Thanks.

The government hasn't shut us down. The government CAN'T shut us down!!

This event is in 24 HOURS!!

We all love corruption- I mean, Democracy!

This event is happening in TWO hours! Golly gee!

Oh yeah, it was the blurst of times. Not often you get as many as 1000 vNPCs. Thanks to everyone for showing up.