Food glorious food!

Started by Usiku, September 14, 2023, 08:23:59 AM

We have implemented some slight updates to the food system in the game, details as follows:

Food types

We have revised the food types extensively. Some were introduced, others were removed, and numerous foods had their 'foodtype' modified to better represent their actual nature.

Hunger and thirst values

The hunger and thirst values assigned to various food types have been fine-tuned. Notably, certain foods will now have a more pronounced effect on thirst levels, aligning with their real characteristics, such as salty items increasing thirst more noticeably.

Generic taste messages

Some slight tweaks to the generic taste messages that apply to foods lacking custom taste messages. These serve as generic fallback options.  If you notice any foods with generic taste messages, feel free to submit replacement taste messages!

Custom spoilage descriptors

We have added some custom spoilage adjectives for different food types. Instead of the generic 'spoiled' and 'lightly_spoiled' labels, you may now encounter specific terms like 'rotting' or 'rancid' for meat, and 'stale' or 'moldy' for bread.

Given the sheer volume of food types and individual foods reviewed, there might be room for further adjustments or I may have made some mistakes. If you spot any glaring inaccuracies, please use the typo report feature to let us know.