Don't send me back to Narandilmos!

Started by Usiku, September 05, 2023, 07:26:34 PM

Somewhere to the southeast of Allanak lies Narandilmos, an isolated village nestled between arid, inhospitable plains and the even less hospitable salt flats. The village, known for its singular orchard of petoch trees, has been a longstanding supplier of the unique fruit to Allanak and neighboring villages since.. well.. longer than most people can remember.  Yet, the recent decades have witnessed an unforgiving decline, as the dwindling yields of the petoch orchards have pushed the village into a state of impoverishment and despair.

Nowadays, the few Allanaki travelers who venture to this isolated spot return with tales steeped in melancholy, narrating the slow decay of what once was a thriving community. A bleak atmosphere envelops the village, as both time and potential visitors seem to have forsaken Narandilmos, leaving it grappling with an uncertain and grim future.



This is a devirtualisation of a village that has always existed. It will be up to you to discern how much your PC may or may not know about the village from the above but it certainly would not be anything new, exciting or newsworthy - since it has always existed! Nothing to see here except a plain, old, boring village.