A masterfully etched bas-relief of three lusty mekillots.

Started by Pathian, August 23, 2023, 12:57:52 PM

Team Allanak's Civic Beautification and Cosmetic Fuckery Division is happy to announce an open call for player-submitted permanent cosmetic modifications to the Highlord's city. From a rudimentary carving of a dick, a gemstone-inlaid mosaic of your mother, or even a masterwork-level mural of the Highlord himself - we're looking for whatever.

I know, I know - for 90% of you, the instinct is to just carve thousands of dicks along Caravan's Way. For that reason, we reserve the right to.. not accept every submission. I'm sure you understand.

Here's how this works:

- Your submission should make sense for your PC, both in terms of their social standing and their relevant skillset. A shitheel Bynner submitting a heartbreaking work of staggering genius just isn't going to fly. Your submission should also be something that persists over time.

- You'll need to include logs of your PC doing the work. For simple things, like a basic carving, you can get away with a sharp knife and a single session of effort. For more substantial bits of work (like that mosaic I mentioned), you'll need to actually source and use the materials included, as well as reflect the additional work involved with multiple logs. If you want to paint a 20 foot high mural on the side of a building, you'll need to figure out how to work at those heights. Find a half-giant buddy that'll let you stand on his shoulders, use a ladder, whatever. The more complex the thing is, the more complex the requirements are.

- Your submission will also need to include A) the short description of the artwork as it appears in the room, B) the main description with the details, and C) the room where your character is doing the work.

Route your submittals through the request tool, using Game Related > Questions with the subject line ATTN: I LOVE PATHIAN

Just a reminder - this call is open-ended.

I'll be accepting and implementing these until the Producers beg me to stop or Allanak's very infrastructure is threatened by the staggering amounts of materials chipped away from the walls.

Whichever comes first.