No More Babies

Started by Sanvean, December 02, 2003, 12:35:04 PM

This is the policy:

No more baby objects. If your character has a baby, that's an awesome opportunity for RP, but should be done virtually.

Yes, I am a huge meanie for saying this. However, the baby objects end up creating a lot more work than they're worth, particularly when we've seen people be wildly successful in emoting their existence. Accordingly, I'm willing to live with being known as anti-baby.

Baby objects:
- inevitably get lost in crashes or accidental junkings and require reimbursement
- are subject to unrealistic actions by pickpockets (I'm sorry, but someone WOULD notice if you took the baby out of their arms, I don't care how nimble your fingers are)
- require updates and lead to people then requesting NPCs, which require more updates

Just wanted to make this clear since it's been coming up recently in several emails.