The Continuation of the Economic Overhaul!

Started by Gynesis, June 10, 2023, 04:31:35 PM

As some of you might have noticed there's been some adjustments to the cost of things.  There's been an economizing train chugging through the game for the past few years, hitting various Houses, various crafts GMH and independent alike, as well as the base cost of raw materials themselves - though these were changed first and before my time on staff.

I have taken on the the workload of ensuring that all GMH Houses and clans are economized properly.  So you might notice some changes in the cost of things in the shops, as well as a difference in prices quoted to you from your resident GMH merchants for various items.  As this was an OOC update and not an IC thing, please don't take out any frustrations with these changes in prices out on them, as it was not their fault (nor their want) to have their prices changed.  There are some items that you will find are drastically cheaper, and other items that you will find that cost way more now and these changes will no doubt reflect the amount that merchants are willing to pay for materials.

The two most recent economic overhauls included economizing GMH Weapons based on their quality, which was finished about a month or so back.  There are still roughly 400-600 total weapons left that are not GMH to do.  Lastly all House Kurac goods save for spice have been brought in line with the games economy.  House Kurac spice will still be going through an overhaul at some point in time in the future based on Halaster's roadmap, though this is likely less to do with the economic overhaul.