Communicating with the Staff

Started by ashyom, December 01, 2003, 11:20:33 PM

This post is not to target anyone in my clans, nor anybody else's.

Recently, the staff has been discussing the topic of communicating, or rather the lack of, between players and the staff.  This is a list of a few instances of which we've said we would like to see more of in emails.

1.  Your character in a clan dies.
2.  You want to join a clan, either by IC recruitment or special App.
3.  You (the clan char) killed someone, either in your clan, in someone else's clan, or non-affiliated person.
4.  You killed someone in a clan other than your own.  Eg, if a Tor kills an Borsail, let the Borsail staffer know.

Reporting stuff:
5.  You have an idea for a plot/rpt/plan that you want to initiate with your character (usually a good idea to do so, clanned or no)
6.  Your progressions in this plot/rpt/plan
7.  When your plot/rpt/plan ends, either successful or not.
8.  You quit the clan
9.  Any important news.
10. You did something that may cause trouble.  Eg, insulted someone in another house.
11. Your feelings on your situation.  Frustrated by lack of activity or?

The point of this post is, we staff do appreciate receiving the emails and knowing what's going on.  We're unable to keep tabs on what's happening 24/7, and also, unable to psychically read your minds.  So, a lot of events in-game leaves us in the dark, unless players do email us to let us know what's up.  Even if we don't respond, these emails are very much appreciated.  

If you're playing a leader-type role, the rule of thumb is to email your staffer once a week (even if it's to say nothing happened).  However, if you're not a "leader", don't feel like you can't contact us also.