1 Karma Races

Started by LindseyBalboa, May 16, 2023, 09:59:21 PM

Asking here because I'm curious and interested in multiple POVs.

I just realized that karma 1 roles are now locked more tightly than 2 karma or 3 karma roles. If open at the time, every 1 karma race still requires a role application and then a response from staff before even putting in an actual character application. It seems to me that the only easily-accessible 1 karma options are touched/magick roles, which limits the jump-back-into-the-game options for new or 1 karma players.

Genuinely, is that correct, or am I missing something? Thoughts?
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I guess you are partly correct. Although I would argue that 'are now' seems a misleading statement since it has actually always been that way with desert-elves being the only one karma role. They always required a request into staff to pre-approve the role and check for availability.

I wouldn't say that they are more tightly locked however, if you have 1 karma then 'approval' for a role is simply a case of whether or not there is space for that particular role, be it due to clan limits or magicker limits. 2 and 3 karma roles require either special application or having met the criteria for those karma levels which is significantly more difficult to achieve than earning the longevity point for 1 karma and dropping a request into staff to ask about space.

It just so happens that we now have two races occupying tribal space and therefore tribal procedures. I will say that thryzn and their position in the world are, and always have been, very much in the hands of the players. Make of that what you will. :)