Indie Team Announcement: Soft Cap: Question!

Started by LindseyBalboa, May 15, 2023, 12:54:07 AM

In the Indie Team Announcement post regarding a 'soft cap' on desert elves, bullet point #1 of 'coming changes' is:

"- Each Indie Clan (with exception of Desert Elves, explained later) will be limited to a soft cap of 6 players, two of which can be magickers if the clan/tribe allows it.  Soft Cap means if someone goes inactive, they will not be stored, and if they return and goes above cap, that is fine."

I was curious as to how players would know if someone in a clan was inactive seeing as they don't have access to any specific player stats/metrics/kpi?

Also, is inactivity defined, and what is that definition?

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