Indie Team Announcements

Started by Ath, May 02, 2023, 03:38:00 PM

May 02, 2023, 03:38:00 PM Last Edit: May 02, 2023, 04:22:33 PM by Ath
Hello folks, going to start using a singular thread for announcements from the Indie team.

A couple of changes are coming to clans within the Indie team and wish such some caps are going to be getting put in place effective immediately.  Along with this we're going to be soft closing, as in not force storing or anything, some current clans.  I want to preface this is something that the Admin+ Team as a whole has discussed and decided upon, and at the same point are willing to make changes as needed, which I will be keeping eye on and addressing the team as needed.  A lot of this is coming from future plots, world changes, and balancing areas of the game as a whole.  One benefit is that this allows the Indie team to give clans more individualized plots and more singular attention.

Coming changes:
- Each Indie Clan (with exception of Desert Elves, explained later) will be limited to a soft cap of 6 players, two of which can be magickers if the clan/tribe allows it.  Soft Cap means if someone goes inactive, they will not be stored, and if they return and goes above cap, that is fine.
- Thryzn Tribes: Changing to 1 karma option, technically two tribes, but one clan so follows the above limits.
- Human Tribes:  Vru'Rhila will remain open, Indie team will be opening another Human Tribe in the coming weeks (will announce soon).
- Desert Elf Tribes: 
---Tribes will have a total cap of 12 players (for now, we will be monitoring as player population goes up), but with three tribes open, the rest will be soft capped. 
---Tribes will rotate based on population of tribes and player desire to play witin these tribes.  We will update our Open Role Call section as tribes rotate and desire for needed PCs within tribes.
---Tribes remaining open are:  Dune Stalkers, Akei'Ta Var, & Red Fang -- Player currently within these tribes that are over cap, can continue to play within these tribes.  ATV will be allowed more magickers typically.
---Tribes being Soft Closed:  Soh Lana Kah, Sun Runners, & Two Moons -- Players currently within these tribes can remain playing, no one will be requested to store, and we will work in reports to continue your stories.  We will consider options to move tribes as long as they fit tribal docs and adoption practices, but will not be accepting more members into these tribes.
---At this time we are currently at player max of Desert Elves, so will not be accepting any further Desert Elf applications.  We'll keep our Role Call thread updated as much as possible. 
---We WILL accept concept ideas for future Desert Elves for Tribes that are closed to judge rotation.  These are soft concepts, and do not mean you'll have a spot saved for you, or a guaranteed character within said tribe if it reopens.  This is just to help us understand player desires to open a tribe and judge interest.  This is subject to change in the future as we decide on a better system.

I realize this is a big change, but I want to reiterate that only Delf two tribes with a cap of 6 players each were allowed about two years ago when the game population was higher.  Like I said before, I will be working with the Producer team to adjust caps and numbers as they feel fit for the game world as a whole.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to have more news coming from the Indie soon to come.
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