Auto Recruiting into the Byn

Started by Gynesis, April 19, 2023, 10:06:34 AM

We now have this live and already set up in Allanak.  As always we encourage you to run through and try it and provide us any feedback you have, bugs you bump into, etc etc.

This is complete with a series of NPCs that walk newbies and new Runners through the tours that the Byn Sergeants would have.  It's our hope that this will help Byn Sergeants moving forward and taking two small things off their plates to help destress the role a little bit.

The NPC's are set up to have "talk <npc>" and will provide everyone with a general walk through step by step, including the syntax needed to join.

We will be implementing this into Tuluk in the coming weeks.

This should be up and running in Tuluk now.